As France's leading biocluster, Genopole is an incubator for cutting-edge projects in biotechnology. Located in the city of Évry, just south of Paris, Genopole provides a unique environment for scientists and entrepreneurs seeking to advance research and innovation.

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Genopole accompanies researchers, postdocs and start-up entrepreneurs through all the phases of their projects to ensure the best possible conditions for business development.

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Genopole’s citizens

Every day, at Genopole, researchers, entrepreneurs and students cross paths, share ideas and unite forces in a veritable melting pot for innovation.

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Giving wings to research and empowering employment in our community are cornerstones of Genopole's mission. Catch up on recent scientific advances, the accomplishments of our biotech actors and the events that enliven the biocluster.

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October 16-20, 2023

Partnering Week

To corporate groups and investors: meet our 50 innovative startups!
→ Source biotech innovation
→ Anticipate new markets
→ Build successful partnerships
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Discover 50 inspiring start-ups accelerated by Genopole!
Decarbonising industry, promoting our health independence, inventing new biotechnological processes… we invite you to explore an abundance of innovations linked to major national and global challenges.

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Welcome to Genopole Partnering Week !

Corporate groups and investors in biotech, sign up for our Partnering Week for 5 intense days of connection:

  • with 50 startups accelerated at Genopole
  • for collaborations (financing, production of proof of concept, R&D collaboration, licensing, scale-up, commercialization, etc.)


Hélène Virasith, Investor Relations Manager | Genopole

Seize this opportunity to discover and discuss directly with our 50 innovative biotech startups! We are here to facilitate your scouting for technological collaboration and/or investment during this event and beyond it.  Let’s keep working to push forward innovations!


B2B meetings – October 16 to 20

100% Online
Investors and corporate groups only!
Registration open soon!
As soon as our matchmaking platform opens, create your profile to plan your meetings with our startups.


CitationMarion Bazille, Program Director | Big Idea Ventures
“Partnering Week is an excellent event for us to meet qualified startups incubated by Genopole. We know that these startups are working on very complex technologies that give them a strong competitive advantage in fields and high barriers to entry. We’ve already invested in a number of startups that were incubated at Genopole. We are looking forward to this new edition in October!”


Alexandre Jouvé, Principal Investment Director | Theodorus
Genopole is a real facilitator in sourcing what we are looking for: new technologies that will impact the future of health. Our fund Theodorus invests in early-stage biotech and medtech companies. We know that the accelerated companies at Genopole have a serious project. It is a badge of quality for us.

CitationThibault Vanvincq, Investment Partner | JoyancePartners

Our collaboration works well with Genopole, which regularly introduces us to companies that correspond to our investment theses. Partnering Week is the right format to contact a pre-selection of companies. This is an interesting opportunity for our fund, which wishes to invest in more French start-ups, at their early stage. Our guideline is well-being with a very scientific angle: physical and mental health, the microbiota, the development of alternative proteins…“.

Our startups


  • ADLIN Science

    ADLIN Science  is a mission-driven company that strives to transform the life sciences sector by providing solutions to bring together public actors (institutes, hospitals, universities) and private actors (biotechs, pharma). Our innovative approach is to develop the first decentralized Digital Research Environment (fundamental, translational and clinical) dedicated to the entire public and private ecosystem.
    ADLIN is the scientific trusted third-party among all actors in the sector with the ambition to accelerate innovation in healthcare while participating in research financing.


    • ADLIN has been awarded by 2 major technological contests in 2022 (iNov & iLab BPI France), confirming our technological positioning.
    • In 2022 and 2023, ADLIN has established strong partnerships with top-tier public institutes and IHUs (such as INSERM, Imagine, Share4Kids network…).
    • In 2023, ADLIN acquired LinkInnov (a marketplace dedicated to fast & easy intermediation of public researchers with the industry for expertise missions), reinforcing its position as a trusted third-party.Adlin - Entreprise génopolitaine - #IA Biotech

    Innovhem‘s mission is to improve care for patients suffering from sickle cell disease, the world’s leading genetic disorder. As predictive tools of disease severity, they will change the paradigm of care, moving from reactive to personalized and preventive medicine.


    • Two patents issued in Europe, the USA and Nigeria.
    • A growing team.
    • Development of our predictive model VocPredicy.

    Innovhem - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • Synsight

    Synsight is positioned as one of the world’s only RNA-targeting companies with a drug discovery platform comprising:

    • AI designed for drug discovery and trained by deep-learning models, coupled with proprietary biological data,
    • data-driven research methods iterated by specific laboratory tests,
    • patented technologies (such as MT Bench®) that enable analysis of the efficacy of drug candidates directly inside the cell.


    • Development of technological patent families, with the filing of a new patent in April 2023 and a subsequent one in October 2023.
    • Opening of Synsight’s Chinese subsidiary (located in Chonqing), to foster collaborations with companies in mainland China.
    • Start of the seed fundraising roadshow in May 2023, with closing scheduled for the end of 2023.

    Synsight - entreprise généopolitaine

  • Whitelab Genomics

    WhiteLab Genomics is a startup developing and operating an AI-based platform to foster research and non-clinical development exclusively in the field of Genomic Medicine. We are using data-science and AI in target discovery, payloads, vector development and design, bioproduction to support our partners; biotech and pharmaceutical companies to de-risk their early-stage gene and cell therapies pipeline. We are already collaborating with top notch academic labs (INSERM, Genethon, Nantes University), small and mid-sized biotechs, pharmaceutical companies with clients in Europe and USA.


    • WhiteLab Genomics recently announced its participation in Genother, a consortium led by Spark and Genethon. We delivered around 40 projects since 2019 and we are collaborating strategically with a large pharmaceutical company since late 2022 (undisclosed). An additional large publicly funded multi-year consortium will be announced in September.
    • WhiteLab Genomics is supported by French Government as part of nFrench Tech 2030 and Health20 to support its development at the bridge of Artificial Intelligence and Genomic Medicine.
    • WhiteLab Genomics has raised $10 million in a VC-backed series A supported by Omnes Capital and Debiopharm Innovation fund. WhiteLab is already generating revenues with clients in Europe and North America and experiencing significant growth since 2022 in terms of human resources and revenues.

    Whitelab Genomics - entreprise génopolitaine


  • Auralip

    AuraLIP Low Impact Protein creates fermented ingredients for meat alternatives, 100% ULTRA natural customizable in taste and texture.


    • Patent filed
    • Non-dilutive funds received and fundraising launched
    • Letter of intent signed

    Auralip - Entreprise génopolitaine - #Foodtech


  • DNTech


    DNTech - Genopole's Company - Logo

    DNTech has developed a sensitive, portable detection technology for pathogenic bacteria in the food industry. The certified, intuitive analyzer enables results to be obtained in just one hour. The technology is based on innovative molecular biology and biochemistry methods.

    Highlights :

    • Forum labo start-up challenge 2023 and Boston women entrepreneur program winners
    • Molecular biology results validated
    • Pre-design of the analyzer completed

  • Mumilk (Project)

    MUMilk produces human breast milk ex vivo leveraging the power of cellular agriculture to deliver adequate nutrition to babies and provide mothers who can’t/won’t breastfeed with a new alternative. Breastfeeding is the best infant nutrition, the World Health Organization actually recommends a minimum of 6 months exclusive breastfeeding, but in reality 70% of women face difficulties with breastfeeding. The alternative, infant formula, is not satisfactory in terms of nutrition and 20% of babies are allergic or intolerant to traditional infant formula products. At MUMilk we are building the next generation of infant nutrition thanks to cellular agriculture.


    • We have developed a functional POC demonstrating the ability to produce milk in vitro using cellular agriculture.
    • We have signed collaboration contracts with lactariums to obtain samples of human breast milk.
    • We obtained our accreditations from CODECOH, the French Ministry of Research and Bioethics, enabling us to manipulate human cells.

    Mumilk - projet de startup génopolitaine - #Foodtech

  • Nutropy


    Nutropy - Genopole's companyNutropy develops dairy ingredients using its precision fermentation technology to provide

    dairy manufacturers with a milk replacement so that they can produce more sustainable alternatives that are just as good as conventional cheese.


    • 2021: creation of Nutropy
    • 2022: first round of financing
    • 2023: development of our cheesable milk

  • GH

    Yeasty upcycles brewers’ yeast through a unique de-bittering process to produce a sustainable super-ingredient full of proteins for food manufacturers.


    • Yeasty enters its pre-industrial phase. We’re starting production on a larger scale, which will result in several dozen tons by 2024.
    • We will soon be raising funds to finance this phase.
    • Yeasty is rebranding this fall. More news in September.

    Yeasty - entreprise génopolitaine - #foodtech

  • Ÿnsect

    Ÿnsect is a world leader in the production of natural insect proteins and fertilizers for animal, plant and human nutrition.


    In our farms, we use disruptive technologies protected by over 380 patents to raise our beetles.
    While we are still in the testing phase of our new farm in Amiens, we have already sold the first two years of production for the sum of $200 million in signed contracts.
    Last June, we announced the creation of the world’s first high-throughput genotyping chip for insect breeding. This is a world first.

    Ynsect - entreprise génopolitaine


  • ABOLIS Biotechnologies

    Abolis has developed a synthetic biology platform to help manufacturers meet their strategic challenges: innovation, reliable and secure supply chains, and sustainable production.
    We develop micro-organisms capable of producing molecules or proteins in the fields of health, nutrition and chemistry (cosmetics, specialties, etc.).


    • Abolis expands outside Europe after signing 2 contracts in the United States.
    • Microbiome Studio, the company’s subsidiary dedicated to the Microbiome, moves into Station F, in the heart of Paris.

    ABOLIS - entreprise génopolitaine

  • Algentech

    Algentech Plant Gene Technologies - entreprise génopolitaine

    Algentech has developed a disruptive bioproduction platform to produce biobased ingredients in plants, combining high biomass and high yield of proteins, nucleic acids and complex molecules with a focus on sustainability.


    • Several ongoing collaborations with market leaders
    • 7 patent families
    • Technology published in Nature Plants

  • Alt Biotech

    Alt Biotech works on the bioproduction of animal free, affordable and off the shelf growth factors and cytokines to solve a major bottleneck in cell culture.
    Our proprietary technology is also sustainable with a minimal usage of water, energy and raw materials compared to mainly used methods.
    Providing those growth factors and cytokines will help unlock the potential of cell culture with innovations to feed (cellular agriculture) and heal (cell therapies, organoïds, etc.) people.


    • 1st patent: filing in progress
    • fundraising launched
    • providing samples for clients testing
  • EOS Biosystem (Project)

    EOS Biosystem tackles the pressing challenges of the essential oils industry head-on, including inconsistent quality, supply chain vulnerabilities, environmental impact, scalability issues, and customization demands. Through advanced plant cell and tissue engineering, we secure quality, ensure a resilient supply chain, promote sustainability, and offer tailored solutions to meet diverse industry needs. Join us in reshaping essential oil production for a sustainable and adaptable future.

    Hightlights : 

    • Patents will be filled in 2024
    • First viable product by the end of 2024″

  • Synovance

    Synovance has created a customised bioproduction solution to deliver dyes for textiles and cosmetics based on deep-tech computational & genomic tools to engineer microorganisms. Our dyes are eco-friendly and perform equally to synthetic dyes.


    • Fundraising (in progress)
    • New pilot plant
    • POC signed

    Synovance - entreprise généopolitaine


(#Cleantech / #Agtech)

  • Amatera Bioscience

    By 2050, 50% of the arable land to cultivate the Arabica species will have disappeared, threatening 70% of the world coffee market. But today, varietal improvement programs require more than 20 years to create a variety adapted and resistant to its environment. Amatera Biosciences is developing a biotechnological process capable of reducing R&D time to 4 years, thanks to a non-GMO genetic improvement approach in in vitro cell culture. The startup creates:

    • the first naturally caffeine-free arabica variety, eliminating chemical and polluting decaffeination processes.
    • the “Robustica”, a variety resistant to climate change, having a farming and environmental cost divided by 3 vs. an Arabica.


    • Founded in July 2022
    • €1.8m of financing
    • iLAB 2023 winner

    Amatera Biosciences - Entreprise génopoltiaine

  • Arboree

    ARBOREE develops and markets their brand HairArboree, specialized in textured hair care products which formulations evolve according to the consumer’s climatic environment.


    • Blissim box partnership
    • Publication in the Voici magazine
    • Finalist of the Grand Prix de l’Innovation of MCB by Beauté Sélection and in the Victoires de la Beauté 2023 international competition in the shampoo category.

    Hair Arboree - Entreprise généopolitaine

  • Maison M

    Maison M designs the first range of innovative, personalized and responsible cosmetics. ECLIPS is a lipstick with 3 customized shades thanks to AI.


    • Technologies protected by 2 patents
    • Funds raised
    • 350 pre-sales of Eclips lipstick

    Maison M - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • Plantik Biosciences

    Plantik Biosciences develops innovative technologies to accelerate plant engineering. In particular, it offers validation and proof-of-concept services through an ultra-efficient genome-editing workflow.


    • Patent filed for plant engineering protocols enabling considerable acceleration for certain plants.
    • Collaboration with Wageningen Plant Research and Dutch private companies to accelerate the breeding of quinoa and white lupin (2 million euro consortium).
    • Supported by impact investors such as Future Food Fund (NL) and Teal Impact (GB/PT); Named “Next Heros in Food & Ag” by Food&Ag Next (2022); Named “Future 40” by Station F (2021).

    Logo Plantik Biosciences - Entreprise Génopolitaine



    STH Biotech - entreprise génopolitaine

    STH BIOTECH is developing a unique technology based on plant metabolic engineering and plant bioproduction to unlock access to innovative cannabis-based ingredients and active ingredients for the health and wellness industry.


    • Grand Prize nomination in the 2023 i-Lab innovation competition
    • 1 patent filed, 2nd in progress
    • Production milestone achieved in 10L bioreactor

  • Watchfrog

    Watchfrog is dedicated to the endocrine activity assessment of chemical, cosmetic, and water samples.


    • Exclusively focused on endocrine activity evaluation
    • Patented method developer
    • TG OCDE XETA N°.248 and RADAR N°.251

    Laboratoire Watchfrog - entreprise génopolitaine


  • Abcell-bio

    Abcell-bio  specializes in the isolation of human hematopoietic stem cells and primary cells from cord blood.
    With the ability to customize and adapt our offers to the needs of our customers, we produce high quality human primary cells (purity and viability) to simplify and speed-up research. Abcell-bio is also an R&D laboratory, as such, we want to help generate the innovation of tomorrow.
    We think that cell isolation and cell culture innovations could move forward the medicine of tomorrow.


    • For over 15 years, Abcell-bio has gained expertise in the field of hematopoietic stem cells and primary cells
    • Abcell-bio has developed a unique french maternity wards network which ensures a secure and reliable sourcing of cord blood.
    • Since 2028, Abcell-bio is part of BioNordic, an international Danish group dedicated to production and distribution of products for biotechnology and food industry.

    logo abcell Bio - Genopole's Companie


  • BioHive

    BioHive offers new solutions to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to secure the development of new molecules and their market access.
    BioHive’s skin expertise has led to the development of skin organoïd models based on induced pluripotent stem cells, significantly increasing the reproducibility of results.
    More complex, more physiological and more ethical, these models can be customized as required: introduction of mutations (CRISPR-Cas9); choice of sex and skin typology (Asian, Caucasian, African).
    The analysis service offered enables customers to benefit from the company’s expertise, using a range of cutting-edge techniques (3D imaging – Sequencing – Machine Learning) to test molecules for toxicity and efficacy.


    • Technology ready for sale
    • First signs of interest (investors and customers)
    • Winner of iPhD 2023 innovation competition
  • bYoRNA

    mRNA therapies have the potential, beyond vaccines, to help cure cancer, rare diseases, and many previously untreatable diseases, saving millions of lives. But this exciting future is hampered by the limitations of the current cell-free manufacturing method, which is expensive, hard-to-scale and exposed to supply chain shocks. Using engineered living cells, bYoRNA develops a resilient, cost-efficient and scalable mRNA bioproduction platform to enable the next generation of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.


    • we leverage a french patent to develop the technology in the EU and the US,
    • we have already produced a few milligrams of mRNA in living cells,
    • we have signed co-development agreements with key industry players.

  • Cell Environment

    Cell Environment is a biotech startup born in a laboratory under the impetus of Radhia M’kacher, PhD-HDR, and several researchers convinced that cytogenomics opens up a powerful new field in prediction, diagnosis and personalized medical care.
    Cell Environment has developed expertise in the field of chromosome analysis, and has filed a patent for several high-throughput telomere and DNA damage analysis processes. The company markets services and analysis kits to public and private research laboratories.


    • The company has been approved as an R&D provider since 2017.
    • Launch of telomere and centromere marking kits, development of three analysis software packages and creation of an automated analysis platform.
    • The approach has been validated in relation to clinical cytogenetics.

    Cell Environment - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • CGenetix

    CGenetix is developing a new non-invasive in vitro medical device able to quantify organ damage during a pathological process such as transplant rejection. Focusing initially on kidney transplantation, we plan to become one of Europe’s leading cDNA companies for the medical monitoring of transplant patients over the next decade.


    • CGenetix has filed a patent protecting its technology and its clinical proof of concept in September 2022
    • CGenetix has signed several collaborations with 6 hospitals specialized in kidney transplantation
    • CGenetix has signed agreements with 2 academic laboratories INSERM and CNRS

  • DECYBELE (Project)

    Recombinant proteins are used in various fields such as healthcare, research, agri-food and cosmetics.
    Their production has become a major economic and societal challenge. The objective of Décybèle is to significantly increase production yields in order to reduce costs.
    To achieve this, we utilize specific acoustic frequencies for each target protein to enhance its expression within the producing organism.
    This groundbreaking technology can complement the existing over-expression strategies in the market.


    • A series of patents will be filed in 2024
    • A first commercially viable product by early 2025
  • Enalees

    Enalees designs, develops, produces and markets the latest generation of rapid molecular diagnostic tests for veterinarians, without the need to send a sample to a specialized laboratory, and in less than 30 minutes.


    • Opening of 2 sales subsidiaries in England and Germany
    • Development of a new production tool enabling full control of the value chain
    • Development of new kits in new sectors

    Enalees - entreprise génopolitaine

  • Endogene.Bio

    Endogene.Bio develops an endometriosis diagnostic test based on epigenetic biomarkers found in menstrual blood to reduce time to diagnosis from years to weeks.


    • Clinical studies ongoing for technology validation
    • Seed round raised last year
    • Winners of EIT Regulatory Bootcamp

    EndoGene.Bio - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • Enterome

    Enterome is developing a new generation of immunomodulatory drugs for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company is open to R&D partnerships with players in the pharmaceutical industry in order to advance its immuno-oncology portfolio, with 4 products in clinical stage, as well as its projects in allergy and autoimmunity.


    • Established a partnership with Nestlé Health Science in inflammatory diseases and food allergy.
    • Since its inception, the company has raised a total of €116 million from Europe- and US-based life science investors and more than €100 million from pharmaceutical partnerships.

    Enterome - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • Exosome Analytics

    Exosome Analytics detects the most rare exosomes towards personalized clinical medicine.


    • Development of a diagnostic platform for the early detection of ovarian cancer.
    • Pilot tests performed on urine samples demonstrated 100% sensitivity of our platform (compared to 43% for the CA125 serum test currently used).
    • We are starting the preclinical study.

    Exosome Analytics - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • Fabmid

    Fabmid has developed a disruptive scalable in vitro bioproduction platform to produce a new class of circular template DNA bound with functional molecules.
    These chimeric DNA-based biomolecules of the novel class are safer, compatible with both dividing and non-dividing cells, eco-friendly in production, allow better quality control, are efficient at low doses, and have the real potential to become one of the best templates for in vitro and in-cell production of other biomolecules, such as RNA, DNA, and proteins.

    FABMID - entreprise génopolitaine

  • Felome

    Now more than ever, pets are part of our family. People are curious about the ancestry of their pets and their risk for disease. FELOME uses the advantages of next-generation sequencing to offer DNA analysis for companion and recreational animals that is accessible and affordable for consumers.


    • Ready to test the market with a minimum viable product for cats.
    • At the start of fundraising.
    • Signed agreements for academic and marketing collaborations.
  • Floating Genes

    Floating Genes is developing a highly sensitive technology for detecting circulating tumor DNA in liquid biopsies using NGS. We will initially focus on digestive cancers in several stages:

    1. relapse detection (MRD)
    2. early detection of asymptomatic cases.

    We are focusing on pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer.


    • Floating Genes is winner of the 2022 i-Lab competition
    • We work with 3 hospitals, including the Gustave Roussy Institute
    • We have raised our first seed capital

    Floating Genes - entreprises génopolitaines

  • Généthon

    A pioneer in the discovery and development of gene therapies for rare diseases, Généthon is a non-for-profit laboratory created by the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM-Téléthon). With more than 200 scientists and professionals, Genethon pursues its mission to bring life-changing therapies to patients, notably by collaborating with numerous academic and industrial laboratories around the world.


    • A first drug, to which Genethon contributed, has been approved for spinal muscular atrophy.
    • Généthon co-founded the Genother biocluster as part of the “Biocluster” call for expressions of interest under the Plan France 2030.

    Genethon Laboratory

  • Hormone’ IA (Project)

    Hormone’ia is developing a new generation of fertility assistants that enable certain fertility hormones to be measured at home. The aim is to support couples from their first baby trials right through to the first ultrasound scan, using biological data obtained on a daily basis. We have developed a technology that makes it quick and easy to quantify these hormones in saliva. What’s more, we’re developing a complete ecosystem of support through a mobile app for consulting one’s biological values, making appointments with specialists, or interacting with a chatbot for all day-to-day questions.


    Strong technical expertise in a new biological matrix that has yet to be fully exploited, but holds great promise for remote patient monitoring: saliva.

  • Hybrigenics Services

    Hybrigenics Services offers life science R&D Services and Contract research using innovative screening technology platforms to identify and characterize protein interactions, to support drug discovery with elucidation of the mechanism of action of drug candidates, and to select, validate and optimize synthetic single domain antibodies.


    • 3000 customers and collaborators worldwide in various life science sectors (pharma, agro, cosmetic, fundamental research)
    • The most comprehensive Y2H-based screening platforms with the largest collection (135+) of highly complex cDNA libraries – 45 species, exhaustive screening, bioinformatics.
    • The most published humanized, synthetic and naïve VHH library to select nanobodies – animal free technology.

    Hybrigenics - entreprise genopolitaine

  • Kyron.Bio


    Kyron.Bio - Entreprise génopolitaine is enhancing the performance of therapeutic drugs used for oncology, autoimmune diseases and endocrine diseases, enabling the production of molecules that are not possible to produce today.’s technology produces complex proteins with up to 20X stability, 3X improved yields and enhanced specific activity, while maintaining optimal batch-to-batch uniformity during scale up. This is achieved using their proprietary engineered cell lines which harness biology from diverse life forms to produce unique glycosylation properties. Ultimately, this novel bioproduction platform will unlock much-needed lifesaving treatments for patients.


    •’s proprietary technology is adaptable to multiple cell types used for bioproduction, including CHO, HEK and Pichia pastoris cell lines, which have strong commercial traction.
    • is advised by KOLs in the field including a Senior VP from Sanofi and has attracted industry-specific investors from across the globe.

  • Lamark

    Lamark is developing novel biologics with advanced formulations to treat patients suffering from age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.


    • Global patent (granted in US, Japan, Europe, South Korea..).
    • POC data in animal models, published in high impact journals and being collaboratively developed at the best labs in France, Spain and India.
    • Fundraising to perform IND-enabling studies over next 24 months.

    Lamark Biotech - entreprise génopolitaine - #Healthtech

  • New England Biolabs

    Founded in the mid-1970s, New England Biolabs® (NEB) is the leader in the discovery, production and customization of high-quality enzymes for molecular biology applications, including NGS, RT-(q)PCR, RNA science and epigenetics. Based in Paris, the NEB France team is dedicated to NEB’s core values: ethical and collaborative science, top-quality services from R&D to scale-up, and a commitment to the environment.


    • Winner of the Innovation Trophy at Forum Labo Paris in March 2023, in the Services category, for NEB Lyo Sciences™: a tailor-made solution for your lyophilization needs.
    • Within the framework of a more ecological and responsible production we have replaced reaction buffers containing BSA with buffers containing recombinant albumin (rAlbumin).
    • NEB is a Certified B Corporation™.

    New England Biolabs - Genopole's Company

  • Polythéragène

    Polythéragène develops and markets polymers for
    (i) the transfer of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) for gene therapy and the bioproduction of recombinant viruses and proteins, and
    (ii) the delivery of active biomolecules.


    • Polytheragene is a partner of the Genother biocluster.
    • Polytheragene has developed a new formulation for messenger RNA transfer

    Polytheragene - entreprise génopolitaine

  • PPCT Therapeutics (Project)

    Lung cancer is the leading cause of malignancy-related death worldwide.
    Recent advances in cancer treatment emerge from new immunotherapies that target T-cell inhibitory receptors, such as PD-1. Our project aims at developing an innovative cancer
    immunotherapy based on a new tumor antigen, the preprocalcitonin (ppCT). This antigen is unique because it includes a non-mutant neoepitope that permits the immune system
    to overcome tumor escape from CD8 T-cell immunity. Our vision is to combine this active immunotherapy with anti-PD-1 neutralizing antibodies and then to expand its strategy.

  • Quantoom Biosciences France (ex-SynHelix)

    Quantoom Biosciences France, formerly SynHelix, joined Univercells group in 2021.
    The main goal of the group is to make biologics accessible for all.
    The french affiliate is focusing on the development of new enzymatic processes to produce synthetic DNA. These technologies will allow to supply in the near future, DNA in shorter time and at reduced costs to global biotherapies’ actors (cell & gene therapies, vaccines, antibodies, etc.) and to other strategic partners involved in synthetic biology projects.

    Quantoom Bioscience - Entreprise Génopolitaine - Synhelix

  • Quibiotic

    Quibiotic is developing 3 different synthesis platforms for the innovative modification of b-lactam cores to prepare new therapeutic agents in the field of antibiotics.


    • Our technology is secured by 3 different patents protecting either the molecules or the synthesis process.
    • We have 2 molecules tested in vitro showing inhibitory activity against two different classes of carbapenamases (OXA and KPC).
    • Our molecules are currently being tested at the Kremlin Bicetre hospital.


  • SE-Therapeutics

    SE Therapeutics developed a novel technology dedicated to the delivery of gene editing technologies in cells.


    • Our technology is protected by an international patent.
    • We are developing high value products dedicated to gene and cell therapies.
    • We are fundraising to finance the manufacturing roadmap for SE-CRISPR/Cas9 and GMP formulation.

    Sebia is an in vitro diagnostics company, based in France (Lisses, 91) and established worldwide. Sebia designs, manufactures and markets equipment and reagents for the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases such as multiple myeloma, autoimmune diseases and metabolic disorders, for medical biology laboratories.


    • Sebia has set up a proteomics platform at Genopole
    • Development of an innovative technology using mass spectrometry to measure residual disease on blood in Multiple Myeloma.

    Sebia - entreprise génopolitaine

  • Xentech

    XenTech is dedicated to accelerating the development of new anti-cancer therapies by providing with the most relevant science-driven preclinical services to our clients and partners.

    XenTech pioneered the Patient-Derived primary tumor Xenograft models (PDX) approach and was one of the first CRO proposing this technology to the indsutry and oncology research community.
    Our expertise and technology were forged on one of the world’s reference and most published PDX collection.

    Xentech - Genopole Company

  • Yposkesi

    Yposkesi, an SK pharmteco company, is one of Europe’s largest pharmaceutical subcontractors (CDMO) for the manufacture of viral vectors for gene and cell therapy.


    2016: Creation of Yposkesi, a Genethon spin-off
    2023: Inauguration of a new viral vector biomanufacturing facility in Corbeil-Essonnes, currently undergoing qualification.
    2024: Start-up of the new bioproduction facility, which will enable us to double our production surface area.

    Yposkesi - entreprise génopolitaine


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