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4 rue Pierre Fontaine
91000 Evry-Courcouronnes – FRANCE

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Marie Cambot : CEO
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Innovhem - Entreprise génopolitaine Innovhem - Entreprise génopolitaine

BoosterShaker#Diagnostics #Health / Well-being

  • Sickle cell disease
  • Red blood cell
  • Biomarkers
  • Predictive algorithm

Field of Activity

Our mission is to improve the management of Red Blood Cell diseases and in particular Sickle Cell Disease


INNOVHEM was created in October 2019 to join the Genopole Booster program.

With our expertise, we are developing the measurement of new bio-markers, which, in combination with artificial intelligence, will allow to assess the severity of the disease and to predict it.


From 2020, INNOVHEM proposes to perform bioassays to measure fetal hemoglobin and intravascular hemolysis (the degradation of red blood cells), as a service for pharmaceutical companies.

These biomarkers are used to evaluate the efficacy of treatments under development. In parallel, INNOVHEM develops tools that combine the measurement of these biomarkers with AI to allow clinicians to improve patient management.

Achievements/ Collaborations/ Milestones

INNOVHEM has signed a contract that provides the exclusive and worldwide exploitation of 3 patents that cover the two innovations originating from academic research (measurement of HbF by red blood cell and intra-vascular hemolysis).

INNOVHEM has also set up collaborations with institutions (Inserm, APHP, UPEC and EFS) for the research and development of these innovations. At the end of November 2020, INNOVHEM signed a first contract for a research study, funded by a private company.

Finally, in mid-December 2020, INNOVHEM recruited its first project manager.

  • Further Information

    3 Patents

    – Strong partnership with academic research
    – Close relations with industrials



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