As France's leading biocluster, Genopole is an incubator for cutting-edge projects in biotechnology. Located in the city of Évry, just south of Paris, Genopole provides a unique environment for scientists and entrepreneurs seeking to advance research and innovation.

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Genopole accompanies researchers, postdocs and start-up entrepreneurs through all the phases of their projects to ensure the best possible conditions for business development.

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Genopole’s citizens

Every day, at Genopole, researchers, entrepreneurs and students cross paths, share ideas and unite forces in a veritable melting pot for innovation.

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Giving wings to research and empowering employment in our community are cornerstones of Genopole's mission. Catch up on recent scientific advances, the accomplishments of our biotech actors and the events that enliven the biocluster.

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Innovate with us

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Genopole: a catalyst for innovation

Genopole accompanies researchers, postdocs and entrepreneurs through each phase of their biotech projects to ensure the best possible conditions for development
Laboratory technicians at Genopole Laboratory technicians at Genopole
Key figures
  • €1

    billion in raised funds since 2000

  • 343

    accredited companies since 1998

  • €8,2

    million invested to host 90 postdoc internships

  • 5

    publicly traded companies

Join our programs

The Shaker

The Shaker reveals tomorrow’s innovations. At Genopole, young innovators with promising projects receive tailored accompaniment, from the burgeoning of their ideas through to the creation of their biotechs.

The Gene.iO Program

This program accelerates the success of start-ups less than three years old. At Genopole, young entrepreneurs reap the assets of tailored accompaniment, high-level training, targeted diagnostics and enriching mentorship in a privileged and unique environment.

The Atige Program

Atige gives birth to scientific leaders. At Genopole, researchers can create their teams within an academic laboratory located at the biocluster and benefit from three years of support.

Give wings to innovation

By providing financial assistance, access to high-tech equipment, international growth aid and training programs, Genopole actively supports new and existing businesses and provides them with a prestigious scientific environment.

Chercheuse avec micro-pipette
Deborah Revaud - AB Science

«Thanks to Genopole’s platforms, we were able to launch our activities rapidly and carry out our experiments even though our own lab had not yet become operational. Furthermore, with their state of the art equipment, we carried out a complete initial evaluation of the effects of our molecule in only one year.»

D. Revaud
AB Science

Marco Mendoza - testimony

«My arrival at Genopole was motivated not only by the Atige grant for the creation of my team but also by the biocluster’s ecosystem, which is propitious to our success notably because of the competencies found here: those of Genoscope, those of I-Stem in stem cells, those within the Télécom SudParis infrastructures, etc».

M. Mendoza
UMR 8030 – Metabolic genomics

Cyrille Pauthenier - CEO Abolis

«Setting up business at Genopole gave us access to equipment that we would not have been able to acquire alone. The special “Technological Potential” prize of the Genopole competition opened doors to other competitions.»

C. Pauthenier
Abolis Biotechnologies


State of the art infrastructures

Genopole is 25 shared-use high-technology platforms and several thousand square meters made available to researchers and entrepreneurs with the goal of uniting all that is needed for their success.

REVE - Infrastructure Genopole

High-Speed Network – REVE

REVE links 14 scientific sites in the Grand Paris Sud Urban Area and is available to companies based on the Évry-Corbeil biocluster. It provides rapid access to genetics and genomics data. A private telecom network in Évry.

CCI Essonne - Structure d'accueil Plateau technique

Technical Facility of Genopole Enterprises-Essonne CCI incubator

Support for biotech start-ups via the provision of a comprehensive range of specific services and biomedical/healthcare research equipment.

Plateforme MicroScope -


The MicroScope platform is an integrative resource that supports systematic and efficient revision of microbial genome annotation, data management and comparative analysis.

Ibisc - Genopole's Laboratory

Platform EVRYRNA

The Evrynna platform is a web server providing various algorithms and bio-computing tools developed in the UEVE / Genopole Ibisc laboratory, and dedicated to the prediction and analysis of non-coding RNAs (CRMA).

Ibisc - Genopole's Laboratory

EVR@ Platform

Platform dedicated to virtual reality, the creation of collaborative, immersive interfaces …

Lambe - Genopole's laboratory

Mass Spectrometry Platform

Development of analysis methods via mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

Mines Paris Tech - Evry Plateforme microscopie électronique

Electron Microscopy Platform

Platform dedicated to electron microscopy in the fields of cell and tissue biology and material physics

SABNP - Genopole's laboratory

Structural Biology Platform

The platform has the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for the structural study of cells and biomolecules

Plateforme d'irradiation expérimentale - Genopole

Experimental Irradiation Platform

The platform has the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for the experimental exposure (irradiation) of biological and non-biological material to radiation.

occigen - plateforme genopolitaine

Imaging & Cytometry Platform – OCCIGEN

Expertise and tools for molecular and physiopathological exploration, from the single cell to the entire living organism via imaging and flow cytometry techniques.

Généthon - Genopole's Laboratory

DNA and Cell Bank

Processing and storage of human blood samples (serum, DNA, lymphocytes and lymphoblastoid B cell lines) and biopsy samples (primary cultures – mainly myoblasts and fibroblasts) for research in rare diseases.

Plateforme histologie - anatomocytopahologie

Anatomopathological & Histological Platform

Anatomopathological & histological Platform offers complementary technologies and competencies to cover all cytology/ histology steps, including tissue preparation (cryopreservation, paraffin/resin embedding), histological staining and immunohistochemical staining, and microscopic assessment via photonic and electronic imaging.

CERFE - Genopole's Platform


Experimental Functional Research Exploration Center – Cell Biology – Microscopy

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