As France's leading biocluster, Genopole is an incubator for cutting-edge projects in biotechnology. Located in the city of Évry, just south of Paris, Genopole provides a unique environment for scientists and entrepreneurs seeking to advance research and innovation.

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Genopole accompanies researchers, postdocs and start-up entrepreneurs through all the phases of their projects to ensure the best possible conditions for business development.

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Genopole’s citizens

Every day, at Genopole, researchers, entrepreneurs and students cross paths, share ideas and unite forces in a veritable melting pot for innovation.

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Giving wings to research and empowering employment in our community are cornerstones of Genopole's mission. Catch up on recent scientific advances, the accomplishments of our biotech actors and the events that enliven the biocluster.

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Pépinière Genopole Entreprises
4, rue Pierre Fontaine – Genopole Campus 3
91058 EVRY Cedex – FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0)6 88 26 50 61

CEO: Alexander SOROKIN
General Manager: Isabelle MALCUIT
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Algentech Plant Gene Technologies - Genopole's company Algentech Plant Gene Technologies - Genopole's company

#Ag Tech & Green Tech

  • Synthetic biology
  • Gene editing
  • Bioproduction
  • Green factory

Field of Activity

Genome editing technologies and synthetic biology in plant cells. Production platform using a process that reduces the carbon footprint.

Founded in 2009, the company owns seven patent families in the fields of genome editing and bioproduction in plant cells. The head offices are at Genopole and the laboratories at the INRAE center in Versailles.
Algentech has developed breakthrough technologies in synthetic biology and genome editing for multisectoral applications.

Algentech’s technology makes it possible to convert plants into green factories (bio)producing high-value specialty compounds for the pharmaceutical, energy and cosmetics industries.
Algentech’s method is based on the transformation of plant chloroplasts. The company developed a system of minichromosomes that can replicate autonomously and carry multiple expression units, thus enabling the transfer and expression of entire biosynthesis pathways in chloroplasts. Large amounts of nucleic acids are produced and protein expression levels routinely reach more than 50% of total soluble proteins. Transforming plant cells into green factories reduces the carbon footprint by incorporating CO2 into the production process.

Gene targeting technology in the nuclear genome makes it possible, among other things:
• to quickly identify genes associated with important agronomic traits;
• to modify certain genes to allow, for example, improvements in nutritional quality.
Targeted gene suppression is also used to facilitate the production of therapeutic proteins in plants.

Algentech develops three innovative technologies for the agro-biotech sector, the tobacco industry, biofuel production, the pharmaceutical industry and plant research applications.

– In France: a collaboration is underway with a French seed company for targeting tests of the corn genome.
– In the USA: Algentech has an ongoing partnership with an American multinational for a chloroplast production project. Also, the company has signed a second agreement to develop new soybean lines.
– In Europe: Algentech has recently obtained funding from the European Space Agency for a project to develop plants resistant to perchlorate and ionizing radiation, with a view to future plant cultivation on Mars.
Algentech targets agro-industrial leaders, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and the energy sector for co-development and licensing partnerships.

Genopole’s Companies

#Ag Tech & Green Tech

In the same field



Onima develops sustainable and healthy super-flours for the food & agriculture industry.

Leafy - Entreprise génopolitaine


Development of decision support systems for crop protection.

Amatera Biosciences - Entreprise génopoltiaine

Amatera Biosciences

Focusing initially on coffee plants, the company aims to develop the first naturally decaffeinated Coffea arabica, thus eliminating the need for polluting, chemical decaffeination processes.

Logo Plantik Biosciences - Entreprise Génopolitaine

Plantik Biosciences

Plantik is developing an all-in-one toolbox to advance the application of genome editing technologies in agriculture to make it significantly simpler, cheaper, and faster to develop new crops for the future.

DNTech - Genopole's Company - Logo


DNTech’s technology offers detection of microorganisms in less than an hour.


The VERY Food Co

Activity of research, sale, production, distribution and marketing of all unregulated food and agri-food products.

SafeInsight - Entreprise génopolitaine


SafeInsight seeks to provide a response to the growing concerns of consumers for the composition of the products they buy and accompanies manufacturers aiming to attentively circumscribe the problem of endocrine disruptors.

Nutropy - Genopole's company


Nutropy develops gourmet French cheese alternatives that are more sustainable and better for our health and animal welfare.

Maison M - Startup génopolitaine

Maison M

Personalized and sustainable Cosmetic House inspired by various and unique beauties. The innovative Maison M lipstick delivers any shade customized by its user.

nextProtein - Genopole's company


The French start-up nextProtein uses black soldier fly larvae to convert food & agriculture by-products into ingredients for animal feed with the objective of accelerating the advent of sustainable agriculture.

Altar - entreprise génopolitaine - intégre le groupe Ginko Bioworks


Ginkgo Bioworks is a specialist in the conception and operation of automated fluidic continuous culture systems for adaptive laboratory evolution and the development of microbial strains for industry.

Ynsect - Genopole's company


Ÿnsect, a pioneering company in the "insect" industry, is breeding and processing insects thanks to its large-scale production and processing technologies to provide high quality and value-added products, particularly for pets, fish of aquaculture, plants and human nutrition.

Global Bioenergies - entreprise génopolitaine - logo 2022

Global Bioenergies

Global Bioenergies is developing a process to convert renewable resources into hydrocarbons through fermentation.

agdia EMEA - entreprise génopolitaine Evry

Agdia EMEA

Leading the way to healthy crops. Agdia-EMEA provides diagnostic solutions based on immunological and molecular technologies for plant pathogens and GMOs. Our mission is to help the different players of the agricultural industry to obtain high quality productions by providing them with reliable diagnostic tools and high level services.

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