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Cell Environment

64 rue Guy Moquet
94500 Champigny sur Marne – France

Contact :

Radhia M’kacher : Présidente directrice générale
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Cell Environment - Genopole's company Cell Environment - Genopole's company

Booster#Health / Well-being #Diagnostics

  • DNA damage
  • Repeated sequences
  • Unique sequences
  • Telomeres
  • Centromeres

Field of Activity

Cell Environment is a company focusing on DNA damage detection involving unique and repeated sequences such as telomere and centromere sequences.


Our academic research developed over 20 years reliable, sensitive and automated methods to detect DNA damage. Cell Environment was created to transfer these techniques into the clinics.


Cell Environment developed a high throughput genomic cytogenetic approach based on a very small amount of samples. This process associates telomere quantification to the analysis of chromosomal aberrations and the detection of chromosomal instability.

This approach is a break with the existent techniques. In order to transfer this approach in the clinics, we developed the kits of telomere and centromere staining as well as the software for automated analysis.


The first flagship products resulting from this innovation are

  1. telomere and centromere staining kits.
  2. development of three analysis software
  3. creation of an automated analysis platform.

A validation of the approach was performed against clinical cytogenetics. A patent has been filed. The company has been approved as an R&D provider since 2017.


Cell Environment has started the industrialization and commercialization phase and we are looking for partners for the distribution of kits and funds to make our solution more relevant.

  • Futher informations

    1 Patent

    Les forces :
    Automation of the detection of DNA damage involving unique and repeated sequences.
    Scientific soundness (more than 14 scientific publications) and collaborative networks.

    Le + innovation :
    The use of a small amount of samples.

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