As France's leading biocluster, Genopole is an incubator for cutting-edge projects in biotechnology. Located in the city of Évry, just south of Paris, Genopole provides a unique environment for scientists and entrepreneurs seeking to advance research and innovation.

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Genopole accompanies researchers, postdocs and start-up entrepreneurs through all the phases of their projects to ensure the best possible conditions for business development.

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Genopole’s citizens

Every day, at Genopole, researchers, entrepreneurs and students cross paths, share ideas and unite forces in a veritable melting pot for innovation.

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Giving wings to research and empowering employment in our community are cornerstones of Genopole's mission. Catch up on recent scientific advances, the accomplishments of our biotech actors and the events that enliven the biocluster.

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Innovate with us

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From September 26 to 30

Genopole Partnering Week

To corporate groups and investors: meet our 50 innovative startups!
→ Source biotech innovation
→ Anticipate new markets
→ Build successful partnerships

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Discover 50 inspiring start-ups accelerated by Genopole!
Decarbonising industry, promoting our health independence, inventing new biotechnological processes… we invite you to explore an abundance of innovations linked to major national and global challenges.

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And join us at our kick-off panel on 27 September on site & online.

Welcome to Genopole Partnering Week!

Corporate groups and investors in biotech, sign up for our Partnering Week for 5 intense days of connection:

  • with 50 startups accelerated at Genopole
  • for collaborations (financing, production of proof of concept, R&D collaboration, licensing, scale-up, commercialization, etc.)

Corporate groups and investors

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Corporate groups and investors

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On the agenda 

B2B meetings – from September 26 to 30

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Investors and corporate groups only!
Create your profile today on our digital platform B2match. You can start requesting meetings after September 19.
The meetings will take place from September 26 to 30.

Pitch session – on Monday, 26 September at 16:00 (CET)

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Open to everyone!
9 companies unveil their innovation – followed by Q&A.

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Success stories to kick off the partnering week – on Tuesday, 27 September at 16:00 (CET)

On site at Genopole & Online
Open to everyone!
“How timing of synergies is crucial for a startup? “
Panel led by Hélène Virasith, Investor Relations Manager at Genopole
Irina Gbalou, Head of research Quantoom Biosciences, the Belgian group Univercells and the investor AdBio Partners

Corporate groups and investors → Please register on our digital platform B2match by adding this session on your agenda.
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Registration information

Corporate groups and investors, to register: click here.

On the B2Match platform, you can register to:

  • Pitch session – 26 September at 16.00 (CET)
  • Kick-off panel – 27 September at 16:00 (CET)
  • B2B meetings – From September 26 to 30 – You can start requesting meetings after September 19

Free registration but mandatory to obtain the connection information.

If you only want to attend the pitch session or the Kick-off panel, register here!


à Gauche, Hélène VIrasith et à droite Laurence Lacroix - Chargées de missions, département Entreprises GenopoleLaurence Lacroix- Orio et Hélène Virasith, Corporate and Investor Relations Manager | Genopole

We invite you to discover 50 biotechs selected for the relevance of their innovation. … Take this opportunity to discover and discuss directly with the start-ups! We are here to facilitate your scouting for technological collaboration and/or investment during this event and beyond it. Let’s keep working together to push forward innovations!

Testimony from a fund or a major group

CitationAlexandre Jouvé, Principal Investment Director | Theodorus

Genopole is a real facilitator in sourcing what we are looking for: new technologies that will impact the future of health. Our fund Theodorus invests in early-stage biotech and medtech companies. We know that the accelerated companies at Genopole have a serious project. It is a badge of quality for us.

CitationThibault Vanvincq, Investment Partner | JoyancePartners

Our collaboration works well with Genopole, which regularly introduces us to companies that correspond to our investment theses. Partnering Week is the right format to contact a pre-selection of companies. This is an interesting opportunity for our fund, which wishes to invest in more French start-ups, at their early stage. Our guideline is well-being with a very scientific angle: physical and mental health, the microbiota, the development of alternative proteins…“.

CitationLaurent Chantalat in charge of Scouting, Open Innovation | L’ORÉAL, Research & Innovation

Last year, I made contact with several very interesting startups thanks to Partner*. This has paid off since we are finalizing a partnership with one of them. What interests me at Genopole, which is a major synthetic biology cluster, is discovering new technologies that are seemingly outside of our industry: for example, a biosourced ingredient for the paint sector which may have interesting properties for make-up or hair coloring… I am curious again this year to have access to new biotech innovations, a field that the cosmetics industry will increasingly use in the future“.
*organized by Genopole

Our startups


  • ADLIN Science

    ADLIN Science develops a digital platform dedicated to molecular biology that supports scientific teams in the development, implementation and traceability of biological protocols and processes.Adlin Science - Genopole's Company


    AgenT is developing an unprecedented blood test to identify patients with Alzheimer’s disease much earlier in disease course than current detection methods are able to do. The company also does drug repositioning research to identify compounds potentially active in the silent phase of Alzheimer’s disease.
    AgenT - Genopole's company


    AiiNTENSE optimizes a digital platform in neurology and intensive care for personalized patient care and more efficient medical research processes. We aim to help researchers, physicians, and clinicians in intensive care units in their quality approach.AiiNTENSE - Genopole's company

  • Echoliv

    Echoliv develops software to assist radiologists and hepatologists in increasing the number of early-stage HCC diagnoses.Echoliv -Genopole's company


    INNOVHEM is developing tools to improve the management of sickle cell disease patients. These diagnostic tools will be used by physicians to help monitor a patient’s disease. Based on new biomarkers combined with artificial intelligence analysis, these tools will enable personalized management.Innovhem - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • Luxia Scientific

    Luxia Scientific’s goal is to improve the well-being and health of patients using innovative diagnostic tests targeting microbiome (gut and vaginal at first).

    Luxia - Entreprise Génopolitaine

  • Synsight

    Synsight provides a unique and hybrid platform that combines AI, chemoinformatic and cellular imaging to accelerate drug discovery. They unlock new treatments for pathologies by accelerating the development of a new class of small molecule drugs targeting RNA.

    Synsight - Genopole's Company

  • Yubsis

    Yubsis has developped a unique software platform for research teams in biotechnology and new therapies. Their solution is modular, web-based, and potentially shared by the whole R&D organization, allowing researchers to collect, share and secure their data.

    Yubsis - Genopole's company


  • Algama
    As a food-tech company, Algama harvests the potential of algae to create food that’s good for both people and the planet.
    Algama selects the most promising algae and transforms them into actionable ingredients. These ingredients are then used to shape sustainable alternatives to animal-based products, like eggs or meat, or as emulsifiers to craft cost-effective, enticing, and flavorful products.Algama - Genopole's Company
  • Nutropy

    Nutropy develops gourmet alternatives to French cheeses that are better for our planet, our health and animal welfare.

    Nutropy - Genopole's company


  • Standing Ovation

    Standing ovation is developing cheese using precision fermentation caseins.


  • Yeasty

    Yeasty upcycles brewers’ yeast through a unique de-bittering process to produce a sustainable super-ingredient full of proteins for food manufacturers.


  • Abolis

    Abolis develops a fermentation-based biosynthesis process and exploits the most complex pathways ever achieved by metabolic engineering. This cutting-edge expertise is able to produce molecules of interest for activities related to health, nutrition, cosmetics, chemistry and agriculture.ABOLIS - entreprise génopolitaine

  • Algentech
    Algentech develops patented processes to transform plant cells into real green factories for the production of various compounds: proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, biosourced ingredients.
    Algentech Plant Gene Technologies - Genopole's company
  • Ever Dye

    Ever Dye depollutes the textile industry by providing a greener, faster and energy-efficient dyeing process combined with a biobased pigment.

  • Global Bioenergies

    Global Bioenergies has developed a process to convert plant-derived resources into a key family of ingredients used in the cosmetics industry. The process was first developed in a laboratory, where the company is further enhancing performance. It now operates as a pilot and a demo plant, with sufficient capacity to enable the company to access the market by first creating a long-lasting makeup home brand.Global Bioenergies - entreprise génopolitaine - logo 2022

  • Synovance

    Synovance has created a customised bioproduction solution to deliver dyes for textiles and cosmetics based on deep-tech computational & genomic tools to engineer microorganisms. Our dyes are eco-friendly and perform equally to synthetic dyes.Synovance - entreprise généopolitaine


  • Anova-Plus

    Anova-Plus makes available new diagnostic technologies and its expertise in phytopathology, plant and animal genetics for the benefit of the agricultural sector. These simple, fast and efficient detection kits and services allow a better and more moderate use of phytosanitary treatments and the acceleration of the creation of new varieties for a better respect of the environment and human health.

    Anova Plus - Genopole's Company

  • Arboree

    Arboree develops and markets textured hair care products whose formulations evolve according to climatic conditions.H


    BIOMEDE selects and markets seeds for plants that can “hyperaccumulate” metallic trace elements, thus removing them naturally from the soil.Biomédé - Genopole's company

  • Cearitis

    Cearitis is a startup proposing an alternative to pesticide. We invented and patented a biocontrol solution to protect fruit trees from fruit flies, main pest of fruit crops.Logo Cearitis - entreprise génopolitaine

  • Maison M

    Maison M designs a first line of innovative, personalized and responsible cosmetics. ÉCLIPS is a lipstick that delivers any shade chosen by its user.Maison M - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • Projet HKVOR

    Collection and recycling of care waste from French podiatrists by extracting keratin. By creating a circular economy, French podiatrists will become the first health professionals to value all of their care wastes.

  • Projet Iodes

    We have developed the new polymeric disinfectants IoDes with a low toxicity for mammals and with a strong aseptic potential against bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses.

  • SafeInsight

    Faced with the risks of endocrine disruptors contained in everyday products and the need to make them safer, SafeInsight provides to these products brands, a diagnosis of endocrine disruptors. With Endocrinsight, SafeInsight has developed a multiplex detection technology to identify and quantify endocrine disruptors contained in any product.


    STH BIOTECH unlocks the access to cannabis active compounds using plant biotechnology and synthetic biology to develop innovative active ingredients and APIs for industrials.

    STH Biotech - Genopole's company

  • Laboratoire Watchfrog

    The Laboratoire Watchfrog is dedicated to the endocrine activity assessment of chemical, cosmetic, and water samples.Watchfrog Laboratory - Genopole's company


  • AB Science

    AB Science specializes in the development of highly specific tyrosine kinase inhibitors to treat diseases of high medical need in the fields of oncology, chronic inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.Logo Ab Science - Genopole's company

  • Abcell-bio

    Abcell-bio is a biotechnology lab specializing in the isolation of human hematopoietic stem cells and primary cells from cord blood. With the ability to customize and adapt our offers to the needs of our customers, we produce hight quality human primary cells (purity and viability) to simplify and speed-up the research.logo abcell Bio - Genopole's Companie

  • BacterioDec

    BacterioDec develops a portative and specific detection kit that allows the detection of pathogens from the sample to the result within an hour. Patentable technology is based on innovative molecular biology methods.Bacterio DEc - Entreprise génopolitaine

  • CGenetix

    CGenetix is ​​developing a new non-invasive in vitro medical device to quantify organ damage during a pathological process such as transplant rejection. Focusing first on kidney transplantation, we plan to become in the next decade one of the European leaders in cfDNA for the medical follow-up of transplant patients.

  • Deeptope

    Deeptope has developed an expertise to accelerate & de-risk the development of therapeutic antibodies, using high-throughput functional assays to perform epitope, paratope mapping & lead optimization in less than 3 months.DeepTope - Genopole's company

  • Enalees

    Enalees designs, develops and markets the latest generation of rapid molecular diagnostic tests for veterinarians as well as tests for SARS-CoV-2 without sending a sample to a specialized laboratory, in less than 40 minutes.Enalees - Genopole's company

  • Endogene.Bio

    Endogene.Bio develops an endometriosis diagnostic test based on epigenetic biomarkers found in menstrual blood to reduce time to diagnosis from years to weeks.

  • Eukarÿs

    Eukarÿs has developed the first artificial system to produce high-yield mature messenger RNA (mRNA) in vivo.Eukarÿs - Genopole's company

  • Exosome Analytics

    Detecting the most rare exosomes towards personalized clinical medicine.

  • Fabmid

    Fabmid SAS aims to help millions of patients to beat solid and blood cancer, through CAR-T-cells personalized medicine. Our solutions allow us to improve, accelerate and maximize patient access to effective gene therapies.

    Fabmid develops a state-of-the-art therapeutic DNA vector, for the first time covalently linked to a targeting delivery vehicle such as antibodies, penetration peptides, or aptamers.

    Fabmid’s non-viral and non-integrative vector is preferentially designed for efficient human cells transfection.
    Advantages: compliant with repetitive administrations, low effective dose, high cell transfection efficiency, low immunogenicity, high stability, it enables persistent gene expression in dividing cells without genome integration.

    FABMID - entreprise génopolitaine

  • Floating Genes

    Floating Genes develops diagnostic tools for use in liquid biopsies via the highly sensitive NGS detection of circulating tumor DNA.Floating Genes - entreprises génopolitaines

  • Hybrigenics Services

    Hybrigenics Services provides high quality research services for its clients to discover new protein interactions, to identify protein targets for drug candidates and to select novel single-chain nanobody.

    Hybrigenics - Genopole's company

  • Lamark

    Lamark develops extra-stable formulations of biotherapeutics for age-related macular degeneration, antivirals and cancer.

  • New England Biolabs

    New England Biolabs® (NEB) is the leader in the discovery, production and customization of top-quality enzymes for molecular biology applications including NGS, RT-(q)PCR, RNA sciences and epigenetics. Based in Paris, NEB France team is dedicated to NEB core values: ethical and collaborative science, best quality services from R&D to scale-up, and environmental commitment.New England Biolabs - Genopole's Company

  • PEP-Therapy
    PEP-Therapy is developing innovative peptides as targeted therapies in oncology.
    PEP-010, our lead drug candidate, is currently in a Phase Ia/b clinical trial for the treatment of advanced solid tumors, in partnership with the Institut Curie and Gustave Roussy. The trial is also being conducted at the François Baclesse Center.PEP-Therapy - Genopole's Company - logo 2021
  • Phagos

    Phagos uses the bacteria’s natural predator, the bacteriophage, to control infectious diseases in agriculture and aquaculture.Phagos - Genopole's Company

  • PhinC Development

    PhinC Development develops predictive pharmacological models specific to drug candidates developed by biotechs to accelerate drug development phases.

    Phinc Development - Genopole's Company

  • Polytheragene

    Polytheragene develops and commercializes polymers for (i) nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) transfer for gene therapy and bioproduction of proteins and (ii) for drug delivery; moreover Polytheragene invests in mRNA production.Polytheragene - Genopole's Company

  • Project CryoTransplant

    CryoTransplant is developing a new organ cryopreservation solution. It increases the storage time of the grafts by a freezing-thawing mechanism bio-inspired by the frog Rana Sylvatica from Alaska, thus increasing the number of viable organs intended for transplantation.

  • Project Digi’Skin

    Digi’Skin, a project aiming to develop a device that will allow amputees to recover the sense of touch and thermal sensations at the level of their prosthesis, essential to their autonomy and comfort of life.

  • Project SynBioDrop

    The goal of the project SynBioDrop is to develop and commercialize an innovative multi-function lab automation workstation, using digital microfluidics. We aim at drastically reducing the price and running costs, while demonstrating the automation and multiplexing of a wider array of molecular & cell biology protocols, than any other conventional robotic liquid handling solutions.

  • Quibiotic

    Quibiotic is focused on the development of 3 different synthetic platforms for the innovative modification of b-lactam nuclei to prepare novel anti-infective agents.

  • SE-Therapeutics

    SE-Therapeutics harnesses the power of certain microbial proteins to create innovative treatments. We created Self Entering forms of CRISPR Cas proteins that can penetrate neurons and other cells from the central nervous system, paving the way for a new class of gene-editing therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative disorders. Our initial focus will be Multiple System Atrophy before expanding to other Synucleinopathies.

  • Vitropep

    Vitropep has developed a family of biomaterials stable in vitreous state, soluble in water, easily assimilated and non-polluting. These customizable biomaterials allow the encapsulation of active ingredients (drugs, vaccines, allergen) and their intradermic injection in the form of microneedles.


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