As France's leading biocluster, Genopole is an incubator for cutting-edge projects in biotechnology. Located in the city of Évry, just south of Paris, Genopole provides a unique environment for scientists and entrepreneurs seeking to advance research and innovation.

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Genopole accompanies researchers, postdocs and start-up entrepreneurs through all the phases of their projects to ensure the best possible conditions for business development.

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Every day, at Genopole, researchers, entrepreneurs and students cross paths, share ideas and unite forces in a veritable melting pot for innovation.

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Giving wings to research and empowering employment in our community are cornerstones of Genopole's mission. Catch up on recent scientific advances, the accomplishments of our biotech actors and the events that enliven the biocluster.

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EVR@ Platform : Virtual Environment and Augmented Reality

IBISC – Université d’Evry-Val-d’Essonne 40, Rue du Pelvoux CE 1455 Courcouronnes
91020 EVRY Cedex – FRANCE
Phone : +33 1 69 47 75 63
Email :

Scientific Manager : MALLEM Malik –
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Platform Evr@ - Augmented reality and virtual reality - ©Lionel Antony Platform Evr@ - Augmented reality and virtual reality - ©Lionel Antony


IBISC Laboratory

#Technological Platform #Robotization – Automation #IT and Bioinformatics

  • Personal multimodal digi
  • Precise robotics teleoperation via natural movements
  • Collaborative telework
  • Assistance with structural hypothesis experimentation in biology



Field of activity

– Augmented reality and virtual reality.
– Collaborative teleworking.
– Visualization and exploration of big data in biology.
– User-centered immersive interfaces for molecular interactions.


Three virtual reality (VR) platforms

  • A semi-large-scale platform for user semi-immersion:
    • Visualization system:
      3D visualization screen (3.2 x 2.4 m).
      3-DLP projector for active stereoscopy with high ambient light levels.
      High-performance graphics and video server.
  • Two easily-wielded, mobile, immersive platforms:
    • Visualization system
      3D visualization screen (1.5 x 1.5 m).
      Projector for active stereoscopy.
      High-performance graphics and video server.
    • System permitting interactivity between the two platforms
      Front-positioned user motion tracking (infrared cameras, Flystick, markers).
      Spidar-type force feedback systems.
      4 OMNI Phantom haptic feedback arms.
      Occulus rift virtual reality system.
  • Augmented reality (AR) equipment
    Visualization system
    . Ultralight augmented reality monocle with minicamera, VR/AR headpiece.
    Localization sensors
    . High precision cameras, GPS, inertial unit.

A robotic platform

  • Two 6-axis industrial robots.
  • 1 underwater robot (ROV) with 2 cameras.
  • Two 25-axis Nao humanoid robots (Aldebaran).

These five robots can be maneuvered via the Internet.

Mutualized equipment/software

  • One 40-inch multi-touch 3D screen.
  • One 3D printer.
  • Two software development platforms: VR (3DVIA Virtools) and AR (ARCS, developed by Ibisc)


Partnerships within the framework of national or European research projects.

Malik Mallem – Phone : +33 1 69 47 75 15 Samir Otmane – Phone : +33 1 69 47 75 92 Frédéric Davesne – Phone : +33 1 69 47 75 63

Genopole’s Platforms

#IT and Bioinformatics

In same field

REVE - Infrastructure Genopole

High-Speed Network – REVE

REVE links 14 scientific sites in the Grand Paris Sud Urban Area and is available to companies based on the Évry-Corbeil biocluster. It provides rapid access to genetics and genomics data. A private telecom network in Évry.

Plateforme MicroScope -


The MicroScope platform is an integrative resource that supports systematic and efficient revision of microbial genome annotation, data management and comparative analysis.

Ibisc - Genopole's Laboratory

Platform EVRYRNA

The Evrynna platform is a web server providing various algorithms and bio-computing tools developed in the UEVE / Genopole Ibisc laboratory, and dedicated to the prediction and analysis of non-coding RNAs (CRMA).

SABNP - Genopole's laboratory

Structural Biology Platform

The platform has the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for the structural study of cells and biomolecules

occigen - plateforme genopolitaine

Imaging & Cytometry Platform – OCCIGEN

Expertise and tools for molecular and physiopathological exploration, from the single cell to the entire living organism via imaging and flow cytometry techniques.

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