As France's leading biocluster, Genopole is an incubator for cutting-edge projects in biotechnology. Located in the city of Évry, just south of Paris, Genopole provides a unique environment for scientists and entrepreneurs seeking to advance research and innovation.

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Genopole accompanies researchers, postdocs and start-up entrepreneurs through all the phases of their projects to ensure the best possible conditions for business development.

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Genopole’s citizens

Every day, at Genopole, researchers, entrepreneurs and students cross paths, share ideas and unite forces in a veritable melting pot for innovation.

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Giving wings to research and empowering employment in our community are cornerstones of Genopole's mission. Catch up on recent scientific advances, the accomplishments of our biotech actors and the events that enliven the biocluster.

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From 28 to 30 September 2021

Partner4Biotech – Developing synergies with Genopole startups

P4B - Partner4Biotech Sept. 2021 P4B - Partner4Biotech Sept. 2021

Looking for new technologies?
Put your trust in Genopole!

The entirely digital Partner4Biotech event gives you an opportunity to meet Genopole’s up and coming start-ups and create synergies with them. Whether it is through R&D partnerships, proofs of concepts, industrialization, financing, marketing…, anything is possible !

Genopole’s biostartups are primarily in the following fields:

#Healthtech #Biotherapy #AI #Foodtech #Greentech, #Bioenergy #Agtech

Three good reasons to register:

  • Participate in the opening discussion on how to set up a successful partnership between startups and corporations, featuring a live Q/A session.
  • Meet Genopole’s up and coming innovators during two days of  partnering.
  • Build a lasting relationship with Genopole to source your biotech innovations.


From 17 to 30 September

Plan your meetings on the partnering platform

28 september at 4pm

« The keys for a successful partnership » : Servier and Danone discuss their experiences with Innovhem & Altar – Genopole start-ups
1 – First approaches, first contact
2 – The negotiations
3 – Keeping the partnership alive

Direct discussions between Genopole’s start-ups and the enrolled groups

28 (17:00pmCET), 29 & 30 september


Discover Genopole biostartups who are participating in the event sorted by field of activity:


  • ABCB Biopharm

    ABCB Biopharm  is a CDMO specialized in R&D and manufacturing of added-value active substances (APIs). Innovatives products are generated for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary domains as well.

    Sectors of interest: Pharmaceuticals. Opportunities on the cosmetic and veterinary sector.

  • Abcell-Bio

    Abcell-bio is a Biotechnology lab specialized in the isolation of human hematopoietic stem cells and primary cells from cord blood. We produce primary human cells to simplify and speed up the research.
    Abcell-bio’s one aim is to offer personalized service, adapted to the needs of our customers.

    Sectors of interest: medicine

  • BacterioDec

    BacterioDec develops a kit for the fast, specific and portable dectection of human pathogenic bacteria. The technology is based on innovative methods of DNA amplification and detection.

    Sectors of interest: Pharmaceuticals, Agtech, National Defense and Chemistry.

  • Cell Environment

    Cell Environment has developed a new high throughput cyto-genomic tests combining a large scale detection of genomic rearrangements and telomere dysfunction for personalized medicine and precision oncology. Their technology is based on kits of staining and a digital platform for analysis.

    Sectors of interest: Healthtech, diagnostics

  • Exosome Analytics

    Exosome Analytics develops and bring to market the innovative high sensitivity technologies and instruments for detection and profiling of membrane particles including exosomes and viruses.

    Sectors of interest: biotechnologies, biomedical research

  • Fabmid

    Fabmid is developing a cutting-edge DNA vector to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of gene therapies. Our non-viral vector is both easy to produce (inexpensive and scalable process) and has all the properties required for a safe and efficient vector: high cell transfection efficiency and low toxicity.

    Sectors of interest: pharmaceutical industry, biotherapies

  • Floating Genes

    Floating Genes is working on early detection of cancer.
    Floating Genes is making a liquid biopsy based technology by exploiting circulating tumour DNA where the challenges are: low mutation frequency, sequencing errors. It core technology is making stage I of cancer detection highly reliable.

    Sectors of interest : Health & diagnostic

  • Hybrigenics

    Hybrigenics Services offers high-quality services to discover novel protein interactions, identify the targets of drug candidates and select novel, synthetic single-domain antibodies against any antigen (nanobodies).

    Sectors of interest: pharmaceutical industry, biotherapies



    InnovHem is developing tools to improve the care of patients with sickle cell disease, the world’s most frequent genetic pathology. Based on new biomarkers combined with artificial intelligence analyses, our tools will make it possible to personalize patient care.

    Sectors of interest: Medical devices, medical biology, biomarkers

  • Lamark Biotech

    Lamark develops extra-stable formulations of biotherapeutics for age-related macular degeneration, antivirals and cancer.

    Sectors of interest: ophthalmology, companies oncology, companies new biologics, monoclonal antibodies vaccines

  • Magenta

    Magenta is an industrial integrator of the French Government Grand Défi Bioproduction, expert in Cell and Gene Therapy. Its mission is to accelerate the development of new tools or new drugs by promoting industrial transfer or breakthrough innovations for allogeneic and autologus strategy.

    Sectors of interest: Cell & Gene therapy, USP & DSP process, Gene modified cells, IPS Cell, CAR Cell (T NK), Genome modification, In process control

  • PEP-Therapy

    PEP-Therapy is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing first-in-class peptides as targeted therapies in oncology based on the Company’s innovative Cell Penetrating and Interfering Peptides (CP&IP) technology.

    Sectors of interest: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnologies

  • Phagos

    Phagos uses bacteria’s natural predator, the bacteriophage, to solve infectious diseases in agriculture and aquaculture.

    Sectors of interest: Agriculture, aquaculture

  • Proteinea

    Proteinea is building a next-gen full-stack biomanufacturing platform from protein engineering to scaling up production in just one month for protein discovery, design, and production. They are using their platform to discover and generate better variants of the Proteins (the focus is on vaccines and antibodies).

    Sectors of interest: Pharma – therapeutics

  • Quibiotic

    Quibiotic develops a platform of novel betalactams hybrides with the scope to fight antimicrobial resistance

    Sectors of interest: Biotechs & pharms

  • Theranovir

    Theranovir is conducting preclinical development of first in class drug candidates in immuno-oncology, in obesity to find an alternative to bariatric surgery and as repurposing strategy, against infectious diseases.

    Sectors of interest: Oncology, obesity, infectious diseases

  • Theratox

    Theratox‘s mission is to create synthetic proteins for a simple and efficient delivery of nanobodies inside the cells. Our goal is to simplify and speed up the development of monoclonal antibody based therapies by providing an alternative to chemical and viral delivery vectors.

    Sectors of interest: Biotechnologies, pharmas, R&D

  • Vitropep

    Vitropep has developed a family of biomaterials stable in vitreous state, soluble in water, easily assimilated and non-polluting. These biomaterials allow the encapsulation of active ingredients and their injection in the form of glassy microneedles.

    Sectors of interest: dermatology, medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, photolithography, glues, sectors requiring a blockage of crystallization (ice cream)



    Nutropy is developing a unique B2B technological platform for the production of animal proteins for food. They are produced by microorganisms, are identical to conventional animal proteins and are better for the environment, health and animal welfare.

    Sectors of interest: Food, FoodTech, Biotech

  • Proteinea

    Proteinea is an insect-based biotechnology startup. Proteinea defines the economics of building with biology by offering a one-step process to produce high-quality recombinant proteins of interest in an affordable, environmentally sustainable, and predictable manner.

    Sectors of interest: Pharma, therapeutics

  • Yeasty

    Yeasty creates a new model of circular economy by reusing spent brewer’s yeast into food industry. They develop an innovative debittering process in order to make a protein rich ingredient with a complete profil of amino acids.

    Sectors of interest: Agribusiness, bioproduction, extraction-purification



    Abolis develops custom-order microorganisms able to produce molecules of interest in health, nutrition, cosmetics, chemistry and agriculture.

    Sectors of interest: Health, nutrition, cosmetics, chemistry and agriculture.

  • Algentech

    Algentech is specialised in synthetic biology in plant cells. Their patented processes transform plant and algal cells in sustainble green factories for production of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids and other bio-based ingredients.

    Sectors of interest: green chemistry, biological production of ingredients for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, green energy, biofuels, biogases

  • Altar

    Altar harnesses natural selection for the enhancement of microorganisms, leveraging proprietary technologies capable of automating directed evolution for adaptive laboratory evolution. Altar collaborates with top actors in many industrial segments.

    Sectors of interest: food, feed, health, probiotics, agriculture, biobased chemicals, materials, cosmetics, biofuels
    #Healthtech #Foodtech #Bioenergy

  • Biostart

    The technology designed by BioStart, based on the use of cyclodextrin polymers, is capable of sequestering a large number of polluting molecules such as metals, hydrocarbons, pesticides, drug residues, endocrine disruptors, etc.

    Sectors of interest: Cleantech


    Cearitis offers an alternative to insecticides to protect tree crops from pests. Their stand-alone biocontrol system uses attractive and repellent chemical mediators integrated into technical push-pull protection systems.

    Sectors of interest: Biotech, Agtech

  • Maison M

    First smart and responsible BeautyTech house, Maison M offers personalized experience trough innovative products.

    Sectors of Interest: Cosmetics


  • SafeInsight

    Endocrine disruptors in products of daily living are a health and environmental hazard, SafeInsight helps manufacturers to make their product safer by confirming the absence of disruptors of their products by an innovative mapping technology.

    Sectors of interest: Cosmetics sector, food, textile and toy.


    STH Biotech develops a new plant bioprocess for the production of active principles of therapeutical, nutraceutical or cosmetic interest.

    Sectors of interest: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals

  • Synovance

    Synovance manufacture pigments for the textile and cosmetics industries using microorganisms and fermentation.

    Sectors of interest: textile, cosmetics, paintures, food

  • Watchfrog

    WatchFrog markets in vivo biotechnological solutions for environmental risk assessment and the evaluation of the therapeutic, toxic or pollutant potential of all types of chemical, cosmetic or pharmaceutical compounds.

    Sectors of Interest: Water Treatment, Chemistry, Cosmetics, Ingredient Suppliers, Common Usage Products


  • ADLIN Science

    Adlin Science – Digital Healthtech providing solutions (such as SaaS softwares) for researchers to structure, analyse and valorize their multi-omic data.

    Sectors of interest: pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechs, start-up, cro, research laboratory


    AiiNTENSE develops a digital platform in neurology and intensive care, for a personalized care of patients and a greater efficiency of medical research processes

    Sectors of interest: health facilities, medico-social institutions, insurance, health software publishers, investors, laboratories and MedTech concerned by neurology and resuscitation.


  • Synsight

    Synsight is specialized in drug discovery and drug design of new therapeutic molecules. Based on proprietary and integrated platform, Synsight combines Artificial Intelligence, Molecular Modeling and Cell Imaging to accelerate and secure drug discovery.

    Sectors of interest: Drug discovery


    WhiteLab Genomics has developed a platform of data science and machine learning dedicated to DNA and RNA therapy design and development.

    Sectors of interest: The biotechnology companies sector involved in genetic and cellular therapies.

  • Yubsis

    Yubsis has developped a unique software platform for research teams in biotechnology and new therapies. Their solution is modular, web-based, and potentially shared by the whole R&D organization, allowing researchers to collect, share and secure their data.

    Sectors of interest: Biotechnology in general, including the search for new biomolecules and new therapies.

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