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The Experimental Irradiation Platform to serve the Île-de-France scientific community

©Lionel Antoni - Plateforme d'irradiation expérimentale du LRGK - Plateforme génopolitaine mutualisée avec les acteurs de la communauté scientifique francilienne ©Lionel Antoni - Plateforme d'irradiation expérimentale du LRGK - Plateforme génopolitaine mutualisée avec les acteurs de la communauté scientifique francilienne

The Experimental Irradiation Platform is located within the Genomics and Radiobiology of Keratinopoiesis Laboratory (LGRK, CEA-Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology).

There, the labs and businesses of the Évry biocluster and those of the Paris-Saclay territory have access to an irradiation service for biological and non-biological materials. The service comprises:

  • a Genopole-funded, state of the art x-ray irradiation system, the Faxitron MultiRAD 350 (PXI / Edimex), with an accompanying BSL-2 lab for sample preparation,
  • and a Genopole-funded droplet digital PCR system, the Bio-Rad QX200, for RNA quantification in biological samples.

Researchers calling upon the platform also benefit from the lab personnel’s expertise in materials irradiation, indispensable for the use of such a system.

A cutting-edge irradiator available to the Île-de-France scientific community

Julien Picot, Deputy Director of Global InfrastructureThe Faxitron MultiRAD 350 x-ray generator at LGRK is France’s first. It is an ideal experimental tool because it can safely and precisely deliver doses from 100 mGy to 7 Gy per minute. It requires only a small amount of material and guarantees exact dosing. It is thus well adapted to the irradiation of cells in culture, for example. That’s why Genopole invested in this system and why we made it available to the Île-de-France scientific community.”
Julien Picot, Deputy Director of Global Infrastructure
The main uses of the Experimental Irradiation Platform are:

  • the preparation of feeder cells used for stem cell cultures;
  • the evaluation of stem cells for cell therapies;
  • basic research on x-ray-induced lesions;
  • the study of mechanisms driving radiation-induced pathologies such as cancer;
  • and research aimed at the development of personalized medical approaches, e.g., studies of individual radiosensitivity in the setting of medical imaging necessitating cell irradiation.

LGRK provides its expertise to researchers using the irradiation platform

Located on Genopole’s Campus 2 and headed by Nicolas Fortunel, LGRK is home to the Experimental Irradiation Platform. The lab’s team shares its know-how for the use of not only the Faxitron MultiRAD 350 but also the other equipment available at the lab. Sandra Moratille (photo) is the lab’s reference person for the x-ray generator, but recently other personnel were trained for its use to guarantee uninterupted access to the platform service throughout the year.

The LGRK specializes in human skin biology. This Genopole lab is part of the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology within the CEA’s François Jacob Institute of Biology and carries out basic and applied research on skin stem cells: their genomic stability, their regeneration, pathologies related to them and the effects of radiation and radiation therapies on them.
Having an x-ray generator available is a genuine advantage for LGRK and particularly for its research in the fields of radiobiology and skin radiopathologies.

To learn more about the activities of the LGRK

Irradiateur - Plateforme mutualisée d'irradiation expérimentale - Genopole - Lionel AntoniThe Experimental Irradiation Platform is available to the Île-de-France scientific and industrial community via Paris-Saclay University’s Plug in labs.

To learn about access modalities, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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Discover the complete Genopole platforms offer

Genopole ensures access to 24 shared-use technological and ancillary services platforms for its own businesses and laboratories and more largely for the Île-de-France scientific community.
Its objective is to provide these entities with concrete solutions across all biotech-associated fields of research: cellular biology and imaging, molecular biology, structural biology, bioproduction, biological resources, functional testing, bioinformatics and robotics & automation.
Counting collectively more than 650 shared-use devices, some of which represent the cutting-edge of technology, Genopole’s platforms are key enablers of success, empowering novel discoveries for the biocluster’s academic labs and confirmation of the potential of innovations forwarded by its companies.

For more information on the Genopole-accredited technological platforms and their shared-use technologies available to the Île-de-France scientific community

Contact: Julien Picot, Deputy Director of Global Infrastructure

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